Who is dating kendall jenner

She’s walked the catwalk for such designers as Chanel, Balmain, and Miu Miu, graced magazine covers including “Harper’s Bazaar,” and has appeared in advertising campaigns for brands such as Givenchy, Fendi, and Estee Lauder.

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She and her sister Kylie launched a clothing line called Kendall & Kylie.

As I'm fussing with my tape recorder, I count eight teenage girls streaming into the museum wearing black chokers—a look lifted directly from Jenner. Jenner is known for being punctual, but isn't 20 minutes early a tad extreme? Her speech is sprinkled with "like," "literally," and California-isms such as "gnarly." Once the Shy One of the famous Kardashian clan, she could never last the night at a sleepover because she would grow too homesick.

Then a lithe brunette—in tiny denim cutoffs, an equally tiny cropped white T-shirt, and a fringed suede vintage jacket—is coming my way. I haven't had a chance to go over my questions—or maybe even get in a quick meditation. "After everyone fell asleep, I'd call my dad, bawling, and he'd say, ' All right, all right, I'm on my way,' " she says.

Kim Kardashian shared a Snapchat photo of the back of Kylie's dress — and the rapper and model can be seen in the background, locked in a tight embrace.

Kim Kardashian is a social media expert — it's hard to believe the sisters didn't know Kendall was visible in the photo.


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