Updating opensuse with zypper

if you want to avoid the confirmation you can do by this adding -y option with zypper.# zypper refresh or # zypper ref Repository 'packman-repository' is up to date. Repository 'Stable Quod Libet / Ex Falso Builds (open SUSE_42.1)' is up Repository 'open SUSE-leap/42.1-Non-Oss' is up to date.Zypper is the command line package manager for open SUSE, introduced in open SUSE 10.2 which uses the libzypp library.

Use the below command to install any package or packages on your system.

The next open SUSE Leap release, 42.2, already passed alfa and beta phases and had its first release candidate (RC) launched on October 18. That release is very close to the final one, scheduled to November 16.

Until then, open SUSE Leap should receive no more than a few finishing touches.

These recommended packages are only installed if actually available and installable.

In case recommended packages were made available after the recommending package has been installed (by adding additional packages or hardware), use the following command: This command is very useful after plugging in a webcam or WLAN device.


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