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These factors introduce high levels of uncertainty, and according to Berger and Calbrese, humans do not like uncertainty.This modern phenomenon is largely credited to Rabbi Deyo, who explains speed dating started as a way for Jewish singles to meet one another.Dating is stressful—it takes us out of comfort zone and throws us into a situation with a new person. Now imagine a situation that throws these feelings into hyper speed—namely, speed dating.We do not know how the date will go, what the topics of conversation will be, and how the date will end (Breakfast? In a typical speed dating event, single adults go on 8-12 dates in an evening that each last about 8 minutes.

We can all recall moments in the past when thinking or saying aloud that someone is really pleasant, or someone else seems creepy.

What is going on inside our heads when we engage in rapid cognition?

When are snap judgments good and when are they not?

Thin slice methodology is an important term to understand when it comes to being an effective communicator, especially with nonverbal cues and elements.

Firstly, let me be clear that the term 'thin slice' has nothing to do with the width of a slice of pizza!


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