Sedating a cat for travel in a car

The first thing to consider is that, under no circumstances, can you remove your pet from its carrier during the flight.

However, the key here is to keep your pet calm, to isolate them from all of the crazy activity of people loading their gear in the overhead compartments and finding their seats.

Even with the window cracked open, the car can quickly turn into an oven, and your dog will get dehydrated.

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Car Carriers on » Most cats aren't comfortable traveling in cars, so for their safety as well as yours, keep them in a carrier.

It's important to restrain these carriers in the car so that they don't bounce around and hurt your cat.

Keep your voice low and close to your pet while assuring it that everything will be ok.

By Cesar Millan Bringing your dog on vacation with you just adds to the fun and alleviates the worry of not knowing what’s happening with your dog while you’re on the road. Planes and cars aren’t designed with dogs in mind, and you need to know what to expect when you reach your final destination.

By planning your dog travel ahead of time, you can make the vacation a truly relaxing time for you and your dog. They don’t mind the crate and some even feel safer in one.

No matter how you choose travel, it is vital to outfit your pets with proper identification prior to setting out. tags, your veterinarian may recommend fitting them with a microchip. your pet, register the number or you will not be able to find your pet. Train your puppy to remain calm and focused on your commands with practice sessions in the car, and a reward system.

After all, if you should become separated from your pet, their identification is the surest way they’ll find their way back to you. You can also have your pet tattooed with the National Dog Registry. If you have more than one dog, train them separately.


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