Java sax parser validating

objects, are configured by setting features and properties. This allows just a handful of standard methods to support an arbitrary number of standard and non-standard features and properties of various types.

Unfortunately, the W3C XSL-T specification does not provide any APIs for transformation.Therefore, the JAXP 1.1 Expert Group (EG) introduced a set of APIs called Transformation API for XML (Tr AX) in JAXP 1.1, and since then, JAXP is called Java API for XML Processing.Thereafter, JAXP has evolved to an extent, where now it supports a lot more things (like validation against schema while parsing, validation against preparsed schema, evaluating XPath expressions, etc.,) than only parsing an XML document.Features and properties can be read-only, write-only (rare), or read-write.If you attempt to change a read-only feature or property, a However, different parsers also support non-standard, custom features.So, JAXP is a lightweight API to process XML documents by being agnostic of the underlying XML processor, which are pluggable.


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