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Today, closed captioning features prominently in public environments and public events, accompanies classroom lectures and web content, and even aids ESL students in learning English.I got nervous when I thought of presenting before the MPs, and I felt proud at being invited by the Safety and Security Portfolio Committee.Adele [the Director of Gun Free South Africa] and myself left her home at 16h15 to Joburg International Airport. On board the flight I was relaxed because I was sitting next to Adele and she comforted me. We waited a couple of minutes for Claire's arrival because we were not on the same flight.For instance, if the many provisions involving technology in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are to have real and substantive meaning, policy and implementation at the infrastructure level must occur.1 Lack of access to telecommunications and technology is seen as a "digital divide" for people with disabilities.Information and communication technologies must be designed, developed and fabricated at the outset for accessibility and usability for people with disabilities.Absent this design and development approach, people with disabilities are left behind and are forced to play catch-up — an expensive and undesirable path. experience of ways to ensure access and usability in technology.


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