Dating antique brass candlesticks

From the end of the 18th, to the end of the 19th century, the writing box featured prominently on military expeditions, travels, libraries and in drawing rooms.Great literature as well as dispatches, contracts, letters and postcards were written on its sloping surface.

Ref 4060 - 4,975 - Cloth of gold with rich gold bullion embroidery directly onto the chasuble in panels and on the chasuble main body. Ref 6324 - 3,950 - Ivory silk moire, with coloured Connelli and gold embroidery; finely embroidered picture of Christ at the Last Supper centrepiece. Ref 6547 - 2,200 - White watered silk with gold bullion and coloured floral embroidered panels. Ref 5404 - 2,800 - Black velvet with rich silver bullion embroidery to the panels & edges. All pieces richly embroidered using gold thread & sequins covering the entirety of the Chasuble & Dalmatics. THE DOOR HAS AN IVORY COLORED CELLULOID KNOB ON IT. THE ORIGINAL PAINTED DIAL HAS ROMAN NUMERALS AND IS SIGNED J. The case is made of Mahogany and has a small crack on the left side of the case. The round 8-day movement is unsigned but is stamped "FRANCE". H- 15 1/4" x W- 9 1/2" X D- 4 1/2"This is a Striking mini "bracket style" clock Circa 1900.We showcase a vast amount of stock, including dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, sides tables, billiard tables and dressing tables.Purchase a high quality antique table, coming in a variety of styles, including oak tables and round tables.We buy and sell Collectables - China, Vintage Toys, Lego, Comics, Vintage Books, Tea Sets, Porcelain Figurines, Coins & Banknotes, Film & Sporting Memorabilia, Autographs, Vintage Football Programmes, Paintings, Retro items from the 1950's to 1970's, Small items of Furniture.


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